Finding a Job - How to use the SWOT Analysis model to increase your confidence to succeed in an inte

The SWOT analysis model is very good for your marketing and business planning, but it can be extremely useful when preparing for an interview. The SWOT analysis is an excellent framework to analyse your strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats you may face in the interview. Below are questions that help you focus on your strengths, minimise your weaknesses and threats, and take the greatest advantage of opportunities available to you.


What skills or competencies do I do well that will enhance me for this position?

What advantages do you think you have that others don’t have for this position?

What evidence can I provide to prove that I can do the above?


What areas could undermine me for this position?

What elements of the job description that could expose me for this role?

How can I reduce this exposure with the answers above?


What areas of this role that will able me to use my unique selling points to their full advantage?

What trends do you see in the company and how can you take advantage of them?

How can I convey the above critical information to the interviewers?


What obstacles could undermine me for this position?

Could any of my weaknesses lead to threats?

What can I do to eliminate these obstacles?

The Interview SWOT analysis is a critical part of your interview preparation, and it would be an excellent idea to you carry out this exercise at least a day before the interview and spend time on each element. Remember to a) work out how to get across to the interviewers your strengths and opportunities and b) minimise your weaknesses and threats.

Best of luck.

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