Career Coaching

In your current employment, you may be feeling extremely frustrated with the lack of progress that you are making, or you may feel you are not valued or respected. In this situation it's quite likely you may have lost your inspiration to succeed, and feel confused about what you want to do next. You may be asking yourself:

  • I'm stuck in a rut, how can I get out of it?

  • My situation affecting my personal life, how can I find a better balance?

  • How can I be more efficient and effective in my job?

  • I've been working in this industry for 'x' years now, how do I move forward and make a complete change?

  • I feel trapped but the economy is fragile, how can I move on?

How Resonate Coaching can help you

Resonate Coaching can help you answer the above questions, and give you the necessary objective support to review your current situation and then develop and implement a strategy to take you where you want to be in the future. It could be that you would like to consider developing a portfolio of transferable skills to move into another industry, make a radical career change or start your own business. Whatever your potential goal, Resonate Coaching can you help you achieve them. The different packages can be tailored to meet your personal requirements and financial constraints.

Career Coaching - The Benefits

  • Helps you challenge your focus and shape your approach, to ensure that you make the most of your opportunities, skills and experience.

  • Provides a sounding board and independent view for your ideas, challenges and opportunities.

  • Helps you to see the bigger picture outside your present situation.

  • Leverages your skills and how to use them effectively to promote yourself in your chosen market.

  • Assesses your situation and objectively evaluates your career opportunities.

  • Helps you develop a clear frame of mind, to enable you to make productive decisions on what you want to achieve.

What clients say

"I attended coaching sessions with Robert, not due to redundancy, but as an opportunity to re-evaluate my future career and refocus my job search. He was extremely patient with me and our sessions were always at my own pace. He helped me to greatly improve my CV and LinkedIn profile and I found his guidance on interview techniques and practice sessions invaluable. He offered excellent advice and support at every step along the way. I would highly recommend Robert as a coach and mentor. He was instrumental in keeping me motivated and focused on securing my new job.”

Gemma – Event Manager


“Robert was a real help in getting me on track to find my new role. He quickly mastered an area of employment new to him and consistently provided helpful suggestions and firm coaching. Working with Robert meant that I had a strong ally in my search and having that support was invaluable to me. I would recommend Robert unreservedly.”

Paul - Director of Business Development

“The key aspects of the coaching sessions that I received from Resonate Coaching were that they were delivered in a thoroughly professional and very thought provoking manner and were extremely positive. Resonate Coaching enabled me to carefully consider, prioritise and balance my thoughts with regards to work and life and to develop a winning approach and strategy. Resonate Coaching has given me a clearer idea of how to achieve a better and balanced personal life and helped me to formulate a clear plan of what I want to achieve in my future job situation in a remarkably brief period of time."

Richard – IT Project Manager

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