Redundancy Coaching


Being made redundant or facing redundancy is an extremely stressful time for you and your family and, quite often, is accompanied by the feeling of failure, coupled with the inability to understand that it is the job that is being made redundant - and not you. Undoubtedly you will be going through a number of emotions, and you may not be sure how you’re going to deal with them. You will be probably facing a number of challenges, and are likely to be asking yourself:


  • How do I get through this situation, what do I do next?

  • What else can I do?

  • How am I going to find another job?

  • How can I build my confidence to face the future?

  • Why did they pick on me, considering the work I'd done for them?


How Resonate Coaching can help you


Resonate Coaching can provide you with constructive support during this time. It can help you through this major change in your life, help you to answer the questions above, and put a process in place to help you move forward.


A number of different packages are available dependent on your situation; for example whether you would like to find another job in the same sector, take your existing skill set into a different role (or market), or decide whether to start-up your own business. This also includes tailoring your CV and LinkedIn proifle, considering how to effectively market yourself, and preparing you for future interviews.


The different packages can be tailored to meet your personal requirements and financial constraints.

Even after you have established a plan of action and started executing it, Resonate Coaching will be there to support you as you progress, overcoming any obstacles on the way.


Redundancy Coaching - The Benefits


  • A coach will keep you focused in a positive way.

  • You will have your coach to call on to help resolve any issues or challenges you are facing

  • Coaching enables you to develop your skills and make the right move forward you want to develop your career

  • Coaching increases your confidence in facing the future, helping you to market yourself more effectively.

  • Your coach may also empower you to accept possible changes in your career.

  • You will be able to establish clear goals for your future and set-up an action plan towards achieving those goals


What clients say


“If you ever find yourself needing help, advice and guidance following redundancy or career break, I can whole heartedly recommend Robert, an experienced redundancy, career and outplacement coach/mentor. I was made redundant after 17.5 years’ service at the same company and, without Robert’s encouragement, support, advice and patience I would have had a much bumpier ride throughout my search for a new position. Thank you Robert!”


Philippa – Executive Assistant


"Roberts extensive experience and deep understanding of the employment market really shows, taking what he had learnt about myself and my goals to form a clear plan of action. Once underway with my search for the next step in my career, Robert was a bedrock for what was a challenging period, supporting me in my decisions and advising me along the way. I would highly recommend Robert to anyone looking to move through a period of change within their careers. His insight and professionalism is a real credit to him and I would not hesitate to contact him again should I need advice in the future."


Chris - Business Analyst


“I have been working with Robert for the last few months and have found his guidance and support invaluable. He has ensured I secured interviews from my CV, performed well in meetings with various organisations, and as a result I have accepted a fantastic new role. I am very grateful and would highly recommend him.”


Katie – HR Manager


"I can't thank Robert enough for the tremendous support and guidance he has given me over the last few months. He is professional, knowledgeable, a true expert in his field and a gentleman with a wicked sense of humour. Robert has invested a great deal of time understanding me and my goals, my achievements, strengths and areas in need of attention and then helped identify where I wanted to be and then to plan out the best approach to secure my new role. He thoroughly prepared me for the interview process, which I had not experienced for 26 years and has been full of insights, expert reports and tips throughout the process.  Robert is always available to speak to and has a caring and friendly manner which immediately put me at my ease. I cannot recommend Robert enough and have found what could have been a negative and tortuous process, motivating and a great boost to my self-confidence."


Katrina – Business Development Manager


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