The importance of having a good LinkedIn profile

One of the most important aspects of LinkedIn is having a professional LinkedIn profile, as recruitment consultants an

d businesses treat the platform as a vital tool to find talent. If your profile does not stand out and grab them, they will not progress with the job opportunity they may have for you.

In addition, the content of a profile is now becoming just as important as your CV. You want to present yourself in a positive manner to prospective employers and to your business network.

A large number of recipients of your CV will review your LinkedIn profile to check your background, if they are considering you for employment. As you can see from the enclosed picture, if your profile is poor it is more likely that you will not be selected.

Whatever is on the screen when people open your profile is, obviously, the first thing that they will see, and this can make or break your chances to be considered. Therefore it is imperative that your profile immediately captures attention and promotes you and your value proposition to employers.

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